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A Typical Day At Willow Oak

Our school day runs from 8:30-12:30, Monday- Friday following a similar rhythm and structure each day. We aim to spend 100% of our day outdoors, utilizing our open barn doors and inviting fresh air into our classroom space.

The Morning begins with free play, while the children unpack their belongings, settle in, and greet one another to begin another day. 


The children are then called to Circle Time where we celebrate and explore each season with stories, songs, movement, and games. 


Our Daily Lesson follows a weekly rhythm, rooted in nature, and meeting the specific needs of each child. 

Mondays: Sensory Play​​​

Tuesdays: Literacy

Wednesdays: Numeracy

Thursdays: Creative Expression

Fridays: Nature Day! 


Free Play follows, with a trip to the forest, sand & water play, or playground time.  Lunch and story-time complete our day, and the children tidy & pack up for dismissal.

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